Samia fearlessly confronts heavy topics in new album ‘Honey’

Samia’s latest album, “Honey,” is a powerful portrayal of alcohol’s role in relationships and a reflection of her deepest thoughts. The Nashville-via-New York artist’s lyrics depict alcohol as a character, showing its capacity to destroy some relationships while binding others. On the track “To Me It Was,” Samia questions if she needed tequila to get through the night and talks herself down from the anxiety of maybe saying too much.

The album, which arrived on January 27th, is a candid, unfiltered reflection of the artist’s feelings. In “Amelia,” Samia admits that she is writing a poem, acknowledging her tendency to be overly emotional. The album’s opener, “Kill Her Freak Out,” is a deceptively calm organ ballad that embodies the envy of watching a first love move on. Despite its hyperbolic tone, it’s understandable to the internet generation whose final blow in a heartbreak might come by way of a celebratory Facebook or Instagram announcement.

Throughout “Honey,” Samia tackles a range of heavy topics, including the difficulty of being unable to describe the horrors of addiction on “Pink Balloon” and her aspiration to become a fantastical creature while congregating at a Porches concert in Brooklyn on the title track. Despite the weighty nature of the album’s subject matter, Samia’s nonchalant delivery underscores the disturbing nature of the topics, creating a powerful and honest portrayal of the human experience.

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