Review: The Gorillaz’s ‘Cracker Island’ Delivers Playful Energy and Thoughtful Lyrics

The Gorillaz have released their latest track, “Cracker Island,” and it’s a unique and adventurous addition to their catalog. The song is a collaboration with British rapper and poet Slowthai, who delivers a guest verse that adds a fresh layer of energy and charisma to the already playful and dynamic track.

“Cracker Island” opens with a catchy and upbeat melody that’s driven by a bouncy bassline and whimsical percussion. The quirky instrumentation is reminiscent of classic Gorillaz tunes, but the production feels fresher and more experimental than ever. The song’s playful energy is infectious and sets the tone for the rest of the track.

Damon Albarn’s distinctive and charismatic vocals are a perfect match for the song’s quirky vibe, and his lyrics touch on themes of isolation and escapism. In the chorus, Albarn sings “We’re living on Cracker Island, with all the songs and no one to sing ’em to,” highlighting the feelings of loneliness and disconnection that many people have experienced during the pandemic.

Slowthai’s guest verse is a standout moment on the track, bringing an extra dose of energy and intensity to the mix. His lyrics touch on similar themes of isolation and mental health, but his delivery is more confrontational and urgent, adding a new dimension to the song’s emotional landscape.

Overall, “Cracker Island” is a strong addition to The Gorillaz’s impressive discography, and it’s sure to delight both longtime fans and newcomers alike with its playful energy, thoughtful lyrics, and inventive production. The collaboration with Slowthai is a particularly inspired choice, adding a new voice to the mix and expanding the possibilities of what The Gorillaz can achieve with their music.

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