P!nk Addresses “Shading” Rumors about Christina Aguilera and “Lady Marmalade” Video Shoot

Pop icon P!nk has taken to Twitter to address rumors of her “shading” Christina Aguilera in a recent interview about the filming of “Lady Marmalade” back in 2001. In an interview with Buzzfeed UK, P!nk ranked her music videos and described the making of “Lady Marmalade” as “not very fun to make,” citing personality clashes on set. When asked who was “nice” on set, P!nk mentioned Lil’ Kim and Mya but left out Aguilera’s name.

Following the interview, some media outlets and fans speculated that P!nk was throwing shade at Aguilera. In response to the rumors, P!nk took to Twitter to clarify that Aguilera had nothing to do with the group of artists featured on the song. She also emphasized that she was not interested in drama and was focused on selling tickets and albums.

P!nk previously admitted that she and Aguilera had clashed during the “Lady Marmalade” days due to their strong personalities. In a 2017 interview with Andy Cohen, she acknowledged that they were both new to the music industry at the time and had different ways of handling conflicts.

However, P!nk also highlighted the importance of women supporting each other, saying it’s not something that’s always taught in society. She added that she and Aguilera had reconciled and hugged it out, and that she felt good about their relationship now.

While the music industry has seen its fair share of rivalries and feuds over the years, it’s important to remember that artists are people too and they go through personal and professional struggles just like anyone else. As P!nk’s response to the rumors demonstrates, it’s important to focus on the music and not let gossip or drama overshadow an artist’s work.

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