Maggie Rogers Brings “Feral Joy Tour” to Radio City Music Hall

Maggie Rogers’ stop at Radio City Music Hall on Wednesday night was a homecoming of sorts for the rising star. The sold-out show, which was part of her “Feral Joy Tour,” felt like a spiritual return for Rogers to the city that helped launch her career. Raised as a folk-music lover in Easton, Maryland, Rogers performed a sold-out show at the site of her NYU graduation ceremony in 2016.

The evening was filled with enchanting and charismatic performances, with Rogers feeding off the dynamism of her audience. She acknowledged the crowd’s presence throughout the night, even stating that she recognized the faces of people she went to college with. Rogers’ sophomore record, Surrender, was the focus of the night, with the alternative pop sheen across the album taking on new life in front of a live audience.

The concert kicked off with “Overdrive” and “Want Want,” two lively tracks that got the crowd moving. By the time “Honey” arrived, Rogers had the audience completely on her side, creating a special kind of ferocity and grandeur that is best felt amidst a crowd. The night was capped off by a special guest appearance from David Byrne, who Rogers described as a “big inspiration” in her life.

Rogers’ performance was both intimate and expansive, with the folk tenderness of her music mixing with an alternative pop sound that is uniquely her own. She showcased a special kind of emotional honesty on stage, with material from Surrender filling the night with meditations on embracing one’s emotions instead of running from them.

Overall, Rogers’ show at Radio City Music Hall was a triumphant return to her roots, a testament to her talent and the enduring power of live music.

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